Single Eye: LD Range

Single Eye – Single Weave – Light Duty Pulling Grip

Light Duty Pulling Grip

These grips offer a flexible eye with single weave galvanised wire construction for light duty applications.

When pulling light loads, CGM recommends that a single weave (light duty) grip be used. For heavier, more challenging loads, double or triple weave models (general and heavy duty) are ideal.

TypeArt. No.Range mmLength mmEye mmM.B.SWeight ea Kg
LD/4108 1814 - 616070134 kg0.06
LD/6108 1826 - 1016080207 kg0.08
LD/10108 18310 - 1319080390 kg0.15
LD/13108 18713 - 1623085567 kg0.22
LD/16108 18416 - 19300110814 kg0.40
LD/19108 18519 - 253001101174 kg0.62
LD/25108 18625 - 323201301854 kg1.06

Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths.
Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied.
CGM recommends a minimum safety factor of 3/1 for horizontal pulls and 5/1 for overhead pulling.
Due to metal fatigue, any M.B.S printed will decrease in value after usage.

M.B.S will decrease by approximately 10% where grips are made in Stainless Steel.