Technical Information

Cable Grips sometimes known as cable socks, cable stockings or Chinese fingers can be used whenever a cable or other cylindrical object needs to be pulled or supported. Care should be taken to use the correct size and strength of grip to suit your particular needs.

Safety is of paramount importance, in this section the usage and safety factors are explained.


Before any use the grip should be fully inspected to ensure that there are no frayed, broken or damaged wires. If any damage is noted the grip should not be used.

Always ensure that the correct size and type of grip is used in relation to the rope diameter and application. All CGM grips have the grip reference clearly stamped on the ferrule.

Degrease cable beyond the length of the grip and insert cable the full length of the grip.

If a more secure fixing to the cable is required use duct tape approx 2 inches on each side, this will avoid the grip releasing if the pull has to be reversed or if the grip gets caught or snagged on an obstruction or if preferred the duct tape can be replaced with a Punch Lock/Bank Lock type band to secure the grip


All grips produced at our works have been manufactured to a suitable minimum breaking strength (MBS) which is obtained by applying a significant safety factor to the calculated wire strength

Factors such as corrosion and abrasion will affect the grips MBS as will incorrect fitting and improper or unsuitable storage.

A safety factor of 3:1 for pulling and 5:1 for lifting should be used.

Although a grip can be used on numerous occasions a full inspection of the grip should be made before each use.

For all Split/Lace up type grips 406/506 and TWL Range.

Lacing Instructions

  • Start lacing at the lead or anchoring end of the grip.
  • Thread the laces through the first two loops of the split and pull through until the laces are centred at this point.
  • Commence lacing the grip as you would for a shoe crossing the laces before lacing the next two loops.
  • Do not pull the lacing too tight, Leave a space between adjoining loops approximately equal to the width of one diamond of mesh.
  • Continue to the bottom of the grip and twist the lacing strands tightly together at the tail end of the grip.
  • Finally wrap the ends of the lacing once or twice around the tail of the grip tightly. Any excess lace can now be cut off.
  • Single weave grips should be laced with a single strand of lacing whilst double weave grips should be laced with a double strand of lacing.

Breaking Strengths

All of our grips are manufactured to include a suitable Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) This is a calculated strength based on the wire used and includes a significant safety factor.

Additional safety factors, determined by the application should always be applied. We recommend a minimum safety factor of 3:1 for pulling and 5:1 for lifting.

It should be noted that the MBS will decrease by approximately 10% for stainless steel grips.

Printed MBS values only apply to new, unused grips, the MBS will decrease in value after any usage.