Our product catalogue shows over 350 standard grips, however we have produced over 4000 grip types for specialised needs. New products, such as rotary head grips, snake type grips and Dual-Pull grips are continually being added to our range.

All of our grips are hand woven and produced at Minehead, by our fully trained and experienced staff. The grips are inspected at each stage of manufacture and Certificates of Conformity are available if requested

Grips are produced using Galvanised and Stainless Steel wire and also a non conductive Kevlar type material

Other Products
In addition to the supply of grips we also supply a range of stainless steel swivels and we can supply any of the Katimex GmbH products

As well as the UK we export primarily to mainland Europe and Canada. Our Grips are used in a wide variety of industries from telecommunications to offshore and utility companies