Single Eye: TW1 Range

Single Eye – Triple Weave – Heavy Duty Pulling Grip

Heavy Duty Puilling Grip

These heavy duty grips offer a flexible eye and aluminium shoulders with a triple weave construction for overhead cabling and other areas where a heavy duty grip is required.

Range mmArt.NoTypeWeave Length mmEye LengthM.B.SWeight ea Kg
6 - 13108 330TW1/FE67001402250 kg0.22
12 - 19108 331TW1/FE128252003380 kg0.40
19 - 25108 332TW1/FE1910502505540 kg0.80
25 - 32108 333TW1/FE2513003009550 kg1.46
32 - 38108 334TW1/FE32150030012000 kg1.90
38 - 48108 335TW1/FE38190030012000 kg2.10
48 - 63108 336TW1/FE48190030015051 kg2.10

Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths.
Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied.
CGM recommends a minimum safety factor of 3/1 for horizontal pulls and 5/1 for overhead pulling.
Due to metal fatigue, any M.B.S printed will decrease in value after usage.

M.B.S will decrease by approximately 10% where grips are made in Stainless Steel.