Double Eye: LS2 Range

Double Eye – Single Weave – Light Duty Support Grip

Double Eye: LS2 Range (Large)

These grips offer a double eye with a single weave galvanised wire construction for secure fixing of suspended cables. These grips are used whenever a cable or other cylindrical object needs to be supported.

CGM produces a range of standard support grips in a range from 4mm to 102mm in diameter. CGM grips vary in pulling strengths through differing types to suit every application.

When pulling light loads, CGM recommends that a single weave (light duty) grip be used. For heavier, more challenging loads, double or triple weave models (general and heavy duty) are ideal.

Range mmArt.NoTypeWeave LengthEye LengthM.B.SWeight ea Kg
10 - 13108 370LS2/10130100346 kg0.02
13 - 17108 371LS2/13180130346 kg0.02
16 - 21108 372LS2/16245130681 kg0.04
20 - 25108 373LS2/20260135814 kg0.10
25 - 30108 374LS2/253301601173 kg0.15
30 - 38108 375LS2/303301801173 kg0.18
38 - 45108 376LS2/383701801173 kg0.20
44 - 52108 377LS2/443701801564 kg0.25
50 - 65108 378LS2/504902202195 kg0.46
64 - 77108 379LS2/644902202195 kg0.46
76 - 90108 380LS2/764902205490 kg0.50
89 - 102108 381LS2/895102205490 kg0.60

Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths.
Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied.
CGM recommends a minimum safety factor of 3/1 for horizontal pulls and 5/1 for overhead pulling.
Due to metal fatigue, any M.B.S printed will decrease in value after usage.

M.B.S will decrease by approximately 10% where grips are made in Stainless Steel.