P Range: Non Conductive Cable Grips

Double Weave – General Duty – Non Conductive Grips

Double Eye: P Range (Large)

These general duty grips are manufactured from a durable “man made” fibre giving a high tensile strength. They are available in both single and double eye and double eye lace up configurations.

Single EyeDouble EyeDouble Lace Up
Range mmArt.NoTypeArt.NoTypeArt.NoTypeM.B.SWeight ea Kg
10 - 20108 296P2106/102240 kg0.10
20 - 30108 298P2106/203360 kg0.10
30 - 40108 348P2106/30108 312P2206/30108 340P2406/303360 kg0.15
40 - 50108 349P2106/40108 313P2206/40108 341P2406/405376 kg0.17
50 - 65108 304P2106/50108 314P2206/50108 342P2406/505376 kg0.19
65 - 80108 305P2106/65108 315P2206/65108 343P2406/657168 kg0.28
80 - 100108 306P2106/80108 316P2206/80108 344P2406/807168 kg0.28

Substantial safety ratios have been applied to all quoted minimum-breaking strengths.
Additional safety factors, determined by application, should be applied.
CGM recommends a minimum safety factor of 3/1 for horizontal pulls and 5/1 for overhead pulling.
Due to metal fatigue, any M.B.S printed will decrease in value after usage.