CGM: Cable Laying

The CGM Standard Cable Pulling System is a simple, compact and practical solution when laying cable into conduits in a domestic installation. The Standard uses a 3mm dia fibreglass rod and is available in 20m, 30m and 50m lengths. The unit comes complete with a range of grips and fittings.

Standard 30m - Art.-Nr. KS-S-1130

The CGM Junior is a compact portable unit ideally suited for use in offices, retail units or industrial buildings. Using a 4.5mm glassfibre rod the Junior is available in 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m and 80m lengths.

Junior 40m - Art.-Nr KS-J-2024

The CGM Meister is a robust medium duty pulling system, used in power transmission, signalling systems underground and communication cabling. Using a 6.7mm dia glassfibre rod the Meister is available in 60m, 70m, 80m and 100m lengths.

Meister 40m - Art.-Nr. KS-M-3502

The CGM Universal cable pulling system is designed for the efficient laying of light weight energy and telecommunication cables. Using either a 9mm dia or 11mm dia fibreglass rod the Universal is available in lengths from 40m to 300m.

Universal 40m - Art.-Nr. KS-U-4004